Combat Wintertime Glare with Window Film

Solar Film • Dec 23, 2021

Imagine it’s a chilly winter day. You and your family are gathered inside, watching your favorite sports team play. Suddenly, glare from the sun blasts through the window and across the TV screen, making it impossible to see the slow-motion replay of your favorite player picking the ball out of the air for the game-winning touchdown!

Now, picture sitting at your desk in your corner office with floor-to-ceiling windows. You’re trying to wrap up the end-of-the-month reports before the weekend when the sun’s angle shifts and casts a blinding glare across your desktop monitors. No matter how you position the monitors, the sun’s harsh light renders the screens indiscernible.

Not only can glare be detrimental to the visibility of technology screens, but it can be just plain uncomfortable for occupants! Don’t let wintertime glare ruin your enjoyment and productivity. Fortunately, window film restores your visibility and comfort.

Windows Pose a Glaring Problem

During the winter, the sun is lower in the sky. The angle allows the sun’s light to pass through your windows more directly than in the summertime. Not to mention, with a lack of leaves on the surrounding trees, there isn’t as thick of a barrier to block the sun’s light. As a result, the sun enters your home or commercial space and casts glare across screens, display cases, and more. While a window-filled property is architecturally pleasing, it’s a recipe for glare and discomfort. Blinds and curtains are certainly options, but they block natural light and outdoor views. Don’t choose between comfort and your view of the outdoors when it comes to combatting wintertime glare. Invest in sun control window film!

Take Control of Your Comfort with Sun Control Window Film

Rather than closing the blinds or curtains, opt for sun control window film! Sun control window film can minimize bothersome glare without eliminating natural light or obstructing outdoor views. In doing so, you can still welcome the sun’s light into your space and take in your surroundings while enjoying a more comfortable environment.

How Window Film Reduces Wintertime Glare

Window film helps manage wintertime glare by essentially acting as a pair of sunglasses for your windows, filtering out a portion of the sun’s light. In general, darker tinted films provide the most glare relief. However, some films offer up to 76% glare reduction while maintaining excellent optical clarity and natural light transmission.

Additional Benefits of Sun Control Window Film

In addition to minimizing glare, sun control window film also provides many other benefits. This film blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet rays, which minimizes fading in flooring and furnishings. Additionally, it rejects a significant portion of the sun’s heat and improves window insulation for year-round comfort and energy savings. No matter what sun control window film you select, rest assured knowing that you’ll receive enhanced comfort and UV ray protection.

Don’t let wintertime glare ruin your family time at home or your productivity at the office. This winter, invest in glare reduction window film! In addition to achieving relief from glare, you’ll also experience UV protection and temperature control. Stay comfortable this winter with window film.

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