The materials that architects specify in their design plans are influenced by several factors. The top factors are relationships, time constraints, and environmental initiatives. Partnering with Solar Film adds value to each of these areas of consideration.


The architectural industry, much like the window film industry, is deeply rooted in relationships. We develop strong relationships by delivering top notch results on every job, and if a problem exists, we work collaboratively to overcome that challenge every time. Clients who hire us to tint the windows of their businesses later hire us to tint the windows of their home, and many of our clients are a result of referrals from other happy customers. We have the best team because each of our team members is an expert in their field, and we offer the best service as evidenced by 35+ years of 5 star reviews. We round off this winning combination by providing our clients with the best products for each window film application. Needless to say, we appreciate building relationships and have what it takes to foster longterm relationships with our architectural partners.


At Solar Film, we understand that architects are often under tight time constraints when drawing up their design plans. That’s why we want to start the conversation about incorporating window film into the plans early --- ideally before the project is even a sparkle in someone’s eye. That way, when you begin working on a design that would benefit from window film, you’ll already have an idea of the possible applications. To get up to speed, we offer free coffee or lunch presentations that also provide AIA and IDCEC approved content for licensing CEU requirements.


Green initiatives aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and window tinting earns you up to 11 LEED credits. Since windows are the greatest source of heat transmission in a building, they can’t be ignored when trying to make a structure more eco-friendly. Window film rejects up to 97% of the intense infrared rays from the sun and insulates your building in the winter from the cold and saves 19kWhrs per square foot of glass filmed. This helps lower energy costs and improve occupant comfort. In fact, a building can recoup the cost of window film installation in energy savings in 3 years or less.

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