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Combat Wintertime Glare with Window Film

In Glare Reduction by Solar Film

Imagine it’s a chilly winter day. You and your family are gathered inside, watching your favorite sports team play. Suddenly, glare from the sun blasts through the window and across the TV screen, making it impossible to see the slow-motion replay of your favorite player picking the ball out of the air for the game-winning touchdown! Now, picture sitting at …

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Enhance Your Glass Storefront with Window Film

In Glare Reduction, Safety & Security, Temperature Control by Solar Film

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, retail establishment, office, or other commercial space, you know that glass storefronts offer many benefits. They allow diners to enjoy outdoor views. Your products can catch the eye of passersby, enticing them to enter your shop. The natural light shining into your space can boost the mood and productivity of your receptionist. However, …

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Client Spotlight: Sassy Jones

In Decorative, Glare Reduction by Solar Film

Solar Film enjoys the opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses, including hospitals, offices, retail spaces, and more. From elevating occupant comfort to increasing safety and security, our window film solutions serve many clients in the Greater Richmond area. Our years of experience and varying client base position us to meet the needs of each business. So when …

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Are New Commercial Energy Efficiency Laws on the Horizon for Richmond, Virginia?

In Energy Efficiency, News by Solar Film

For the first time in recent history, large cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are mandating that buildings reduce their carbon footprints. The first cities to adopt these regulations include New York, Boston, and Washington, DC. The seven-figure fines potentially faced by buildings that fail to comply with the mandates will greatly influence a property’s profitability. Additionally, compliance with these …

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Tint the Town Clear with Window Film

In News, Temperature Control, UV Protection by Solar Film

Window film is an inconspicuous protector with extreme versatility. It shields floors, furnishings, precious heirlooms, and more from damaging UV rays. It forms a protective barrier against intruders and inclement weather for enhanced safety and security. Window film can even fortify your space against solar heat for improved energy efficiency and block wandering eyes from seeing private spaces or confidential …

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The Ultimate Office Privacy Solution

In Privacy by Solar Film

The popular architectural trend of glass building facades and walls provides plenty of natural light and fosters a collaborative open space environment. However, clear glass also presents many challenges in an office space. One of the most notable disadvantages of glass is the lack of privacy due to its inherent transparency. Fortunately, window film provides an office privacy solution that …

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Client Spotlight: Richmond Children’s Hospital

In Glare Reduction, Privacy, Safety & Security, Temperature Control by Solar Film

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the window film industry is the number of lives we positively impact as the films work quietly in the background. Some varieties of our window films and architectural finishes possess an eye-catching “wow” factor. Other window films fly under the radar, allowing our clients to live and work more comfortably and …

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Enhance Your Space Without the Waste with 3M Window Film & Architectural Finishes

In Decorative, Privacy, Safety & Security, Temperature Control by Solar Film

With Earth Day around the corner on April 22nd, there’s no better time to consider our impact on the planet and its creatures. While we often think of recycling as the go-to eco-friendly solution, reusing existing materials can provide an even more sustainable option. 3M Window Film and Architectural Finishes allow you to refinish existing substrates for improved functionality or …

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Achieve ENERGY STAR & LEED Certifications with 3M Window Film

In Temperature Control by Solar Film

The concept of energy efficiency originated in the 1970s and continues to garner attention across multiple disciplines, including architecture, design, construction, facilities management, and more. Many companies have identified “green” goals and are working to minimize their environmental impact. Measuring these companies’ pursuits in reducing energy usage and lessening their carbon footprint requires tangible, objective metrics. Two of the most …

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A Welcome Distraction: Create a Safer Workplace with Distraction Markers

In Decorative, Privacy, Safety & Security by Solar Film

Although expansive glass walls, windows, and doors provide an open and airy workspace, the inherent transparency of glass poses safety challenges. Those unfamiliar with your space might mistakenly walk into a clear, vertical pane of glass. In addition to feeling embarrassed, the person may also suffer injury from the collision, posing a liability concern. How can you preserve the open-space …