Are New Commercial Energy Efficiency Laws on the Horizon for Richmond, Virginia?

Solar Film • Sep 02, 2021

For the first time in recent history, large cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are mandating that buildings reduce their carbon footprints. The first cities to adopt these regulations include New York, Boston, and Washington, DC. The seven-figure fines potentially faced by buildings that fail to comply with the mandates will greatly influence a property’s profitability. Additionally, compliance with these energy efficiency laws will be periodically assessed moving forward. This means that a building could face hefty fines multiple times if efficiency shortcomings are not addressed promptly and effectively.

Although these strictly enforced energy efficiency laws have not yet reached Richmond, Virginia, similar regulations may be coming to RVA in the not-so-distant future. Rather than waiting until energy efficiency upgrades are required for your building, get ahead of the curve by investing in carbon footprint reduction strategies now.

Reduce Carbon Footprint with Window Film

Two of the largest sources of energy usage in commercial buildings include lighting and HVAC units. Window film can help reduce energy consumption from both of these systems.


Building occupants commonly draw the blinds when the afternoon sun begins casting glare across their computer monitors. But without the sun’s light, their office becomes a little too dark. So they turn on the overhead lighting or a lamp to compensate for the lack of natural light. Window treatments can also help to absorb heat, so occupants may close the curtains during the day for improved temperature regulation. But again, this solution also reduces natural light, presenting increased reliance on overhead lighting or lamps.

Window film helps reduce dependence on artificial light sources. The glare reduction properties of window film allow office workers to comfortably view technology screens, regardless of the sun’s position. Additionally, the film’s heat rejection capabilities help maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Critically, window film accomplishes these ends without blocking natural light. By minimizing dependence on artificial lighting, you can lower your building’s carbon footprint. Not to mention, natural light provides many benefits to office workers.

Heating & Cooling

Although many people consider experiencing all four seasons a benefit of living in Virginia, the wide temperature fluctuations mean that either your heat or air conditioning is running for most of the year. Maintaining a comfortable interior temperature through the scorching heat of the summer as well as the bitter cold of winter requires significant energy usage, making energy efficiency critical for buildings in Virginia.

Window film provides a cost-effective solution for improving temperature control in your space. The film rejects up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays, reducing solar heat gain by up to 60%. Additionally, the film acts as a layer of insulation to help retain the warmth generated by your HVAC system in the winter. As a result, your building requires less energy to regulate its interior temperature. This improved energy efficiency results in boosted occupant comfort, lower energy bills, and reduced carbon emissions, as well as reduced wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Get Ahead of the Energy Efficiency Curve with Window Film

Even though local energy efficiency laws mandating buildings to reduce their carbon footprint have not yet been effected in Richmond, it’s only a matter of time before building owners and property managers will need to comply with similar energy efficiency regulations. You have the opportunity to lead the charge of reducing Richmond’s commercial building carbon emissions by investing in energy-efficient technologies. Furthermore, implementing energy efficiency solutions like window film can yield a host of other business benefits, including enhanced comfort, wellbeing, and productivity of tenants or employees using the space. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our window film experts today to learn how window film can benefit your building!

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