Celebrating 40 Years of Providing Window Film Solutions

Solar Film • Feb 21, 2022

Our Window Film Solutions

Solar Control

Radiation from the sun primarily affects home and business owners in three ways: heat, UV damage, and glare. Sun control window films address each of these issues. Window film blocks up to 78% of heat-causing infrared rays, reducing solar heat gain by up to 60%. As a result, this improved climate control increases comfort and enhances energy efficiency for your heating and cooling systems. Additionally, all window films reject approximately 99% of UV rays, the leading cause of skin cancer and furniture fading. Lastly, an overabundance of natural light can cause uncomfortable glare. Darker tinted window films filter out a portion of the sun’s light to reduce eye strain and discomfort, similar to sunglasses for your windows.

Safety & Security

In addition to permitting the passage of heat, UV rays, and glare from the sun, windows are also susceptible to safety and security threats. Whether the offender is a burglar or an airborne tree branch, unreinforced windows don’t handle impact well. Safety & security window film bolsters glass to hold fragments together if broken. The protective barrier formed by the film can delay entry by up to two minutes, deterring intruders. Additionally, if severe weather breaks a window, the film helps maintain the glass’s integrity to keep the rain and debris out of your space.

Privacy & Decorative

While many home and business owners want discreet window film solutions, others desire the elevated privacy or aesthetics afforded by decorative films. Frosted and patterned films can be applied to clear glass surfaces to obscure views from the outside without eliminating natural light. Additionally, they can contribute visual interest and texture to an otherwise mundane glass surface.

Thank You for 40 Years. Cheers to 40 More.

By running a business based on integrity and prioritizing our clients’ needs, Solar Film has stood the test of time. We wear our years in business as a badge of honor. Our window film solutions have enhanced the lives of thousands of home and business owners over the last forty years. We look forward to serving many more. Locally owned and operated in Richmond, Virginia, for over 40 years, Solar Film helps businesses and homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region find their ideal window tinting solution. We use premium quality 3M™ materials for temperature control, glare reduction, UV protection, privacy, and security window film solutions. As a 3M™Authorized Dealer and a member of the Prestige Dealer Network, we offer the highest quality window film products on the market. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

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