Window Films Save Contractors Time & Money

Like a plumber or electrician, window film installers need top-notched training. For example, the procurement and installation of LLumar window films require special certifications, licensing, and industry experience. Additionally, some varieties of window film are further limited to only the LLumar Authorized Dealer Network. At Solar Film, we offer quality window film products and installation. Use us for your next project in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Offering Expansive Services

As a contractor, the more services you can offer your clients, the more valuable you will be. Clients may already know they want window film installed to help manage energy costs and increase the comfort or security of their space. Including window film in your project bid will ensure your proposal is both comprehensive and competitive. And having you manage the window tinting installation certainly beats them having to manage it themselves!

Adding Value to Your Project with Our Window Film

Only a small percentage of the population knows that commercial and residential window tinting is a solution. Once people learn about the product, they are astounded at the variety of applications it serves. Imagine being able to offer your clients increased energy efficiency, comfort, privacy, safety, and UV protection. If you can introduce them to a new product that delivers such incredible value, you will be an indispensable resource and partner.