Window film installers and glass companies share the same clientele. Instead of viewing each other as competition, we like to see glass companies as our partners. We share referrals and have found that this can be a mutually profitable relationship. Here’s what we offer glass companies when they partner with us.


Unless a glass company is also a 3M Authorized Prestige Dealer, Solar Film provides products that a glass house does not, including Prestige Series and Thinsulate window films. Customers like choices and variety, and partnering with Solar Film further expands your product offering. Also, glass companies who partner with us can include the film in estimates. This creates one less headache for their general contractors.


Window film can inexpensively transform ordinary glass into beautiful textured, patterned, or frosted glass. Instead of stocking substrates in every possible color, transparency, or pattern and risking aging inventory, partnering with Solar Film allows you to only stock the basics. Then when a special request for a unique product comes in --- like for graphic or frosted film --- we can modify your clear glass to achieve the client’s desired aesthetic.

Partner with Solar Film

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