Our Glare Reduction Window Films Are Easy on The Eyes

Whether you’re typing away on your computer or casually watching afternoon sports, the sun’s glare across your screen hampers the experience. Solar Film offers window glare reduction solutions through LLumar to enhance visibility on screens, making work and play more enjoyable. For more information on how to get expert, glare-free window installations, contact us at Solar Film.

Solar Film’s Solution to Glare Issues Without Sacrificing Natural Sunlight

When your family or employees become frustrated by the glare across their computer and TV screens, they draw the blinds to block the sun. But keeping out natural light is not the solution.

Opt for LLumar's window film installed by Solar Film instead. By allowing natural light in but eliminating the sun's glare, you foster a pleasant and functional environment.

Save the Birds, and Your Windows, With Bird Safety Film

We’ve all been nonchalantly reading the morning paper at the breakfast table or in the middle of an important business meeting at work when - BAM! An innocent bird pelts against the window. Millions of birds die or become injured from flying into windows each year. Now there is a solution to end these unnecessary avian deaths and injuries. Solar Film is addressing this problem head-on by providing a Bird Safety Film. This film is designed to discourage birds from flying into clear glass windows and harming themselves. In addition to aiding the local bird population, installing Bird Safety Film also protects your windows from damage.

Save the Birds, and Your Windows, With Bird Safety Film

In addition to reducing break-ins, the window privacy films installed by Solar Film give your office a feeling of seclusion from passersby. Find peace of mind with privacy films, knowing that you and your colleagues aren't being watched.

Bird Safety Film Designs

Choose from three different patterns. We offer vertical, horizontal, trellis, and even custom patterned Bird Safety Films. The patterns are subtly noticeable to the human eye but serve as a clear signal to birds saying, “Don’t fly into here!”

Bird Safety Film Installation

To install bird safety film, we use the same techniques as installing other varieties of window film. Our extensive expertise in the window film industry positions us as the Mid-Atlantic region's leading installer of Bird Safety Film. The finished product will be bubble-free and typically lasts up to 7 years.