United States Military Non-Profit Chooses 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety and Security Window Film

Solar Film • Mar 01, 2018

With a property crime occurring every second, it’s only a matter of time before your home or commercial space becomes the next target. What measures are you taking to ensure that your people — whether it be your family or employees — and your property — whether it be your flat screen TV or your data server — are secure?

Security alarm systems alert you that an intruder has entered your school, home, or commercial space, but security window films can help prevent them from entering altogether. Security window films greatly enhance the security of our children in schools, keep our families safe at home, and protect us while we’re at work.

Watch this short video clip of the owner and general manager of Solar Film performing a demonstration in front of an engaged audience. The demonstration volunteer literally takes a bat to the sample window frame reinforced by security window film — and the protected glass takes it all in stride.

3M™Scotchshield™Case Study

3M™Scotchshield™Safety and Security Window Film Ultra 800 protects the United State’s Armed Forces military personnel at the Armed Forces Service Center in the Twin Cities. The service center provides military personnel traveling through St. Paul or Minneapolis with a safe place to rest and relax. With over 800,000 military members passing through the service center since it opened in 1970, safety and security for visitors is of the utmost importance.

Replacing all of the windows with bullet-proof or double-pained glass was not in the budget. However, reinforcing the existing windows with 3M™Scotchshield™Safety and Security Window Film Ultra 800 and 3M™Impact Protection Profile Attachment System did fit the bill.

The safety and security film paired with the profile attachment system protects military personnel staying at the Armed Forces Service Center from break-ins and bomb blasts. In the event of an explosion, occupants are at a decreased risk of being struck by a glass projectile due to the film’s micro-layers and tear-resistant properties.

3M™’s window films are trusted to increase the safety of the United States military. Don’t you want that same peace of mind for your own family, employees, and property?

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