The Ultimate Office Privacy Solution

Solar Film • Jun 29, 2021

The popular architectural trend of glass building facades and walls provides plenty of natural light and fosters a collaborative open space environment. However, clear glass also presents many challenges in an office space. One of the most notable disadvantages of glass is the lack of privacy due to its inherent transparency. Fortunately, window film provides an office privacy solution that maintains a naturally lit and collaborative space while improving confidentiality.

Several window film varieties offer enhanced privacy, including frosted film, mirror film, and films featuring Casper Cloaking Technology.

Office Privacy SolutionsFrosted Film

Frosted film obscures views by refracting light similarly to etched or sandblasted glass. The film adheres to your existing glass, providing a more affordable and environmentally-conscious solution than actual frosted glass. Frosted film comes in a wide variety of patterns, textures, colors, and opacities for a completely customizable aesthetic and level of privacy. The frosted film can cover entire panes of glass or can be strategically placed as a distraction band for a subtle safety enhancement.

Mirror Film

Mirror window film is popular for applications where one-way visibility through glass is desired. From the outside, the windows tinted with this film appear highly reflective. From the inside looking out, the mirror film maintains transparency with a slight tint. However, an important consideration for mirror film is that its one-way properties are contingent on the environment’s lighting. The brightness on the inside of the glass must be equal to or less than the brightness outside in order for the mirror effect to work. At nighttime when lights are on inside, passersby can still see into your building.

Casper Cloaking Technology

Casper Cloaking Technology provides a unique office privacy solution. This innovative product can be applied to clear glass to hide the contents of digital displays when viewed from the opposite side of the glass. To outsiders looking in, the display screen appears black. This functionality makes Casper Cloaking Technology the ideal office privacy solution for glass conference room walls where proprietary or confidential information may appear on the digital displays. Layering Casper Cloaking Technology with a frosted film pattern offers additional privacy and the opportunity to incorporate a unique design element into your space.

Why Choose Window Film for Office Privacy

Although other office privacy solutions are available, the alternatives come with some clear disadvantages. Curtains, blinds, and partitions all limit natural light and eliminate visibility. Replacing clear glass with frosted glass or a wall is more expensive than installing window film, entails significant disruption to the office, and produces wasted material.

On the other hand, installing privacy window film still permits the passage of light into and through your space. Depending on the variety of film you select, you can also maintain some visibility through the glass to avoid creating a closed-off environment. Additionally, window film installation requires minimal downtime and uses your existing glass, allowing for continuity of operations and little-to-no waste.

If you’re struggling to find an office privacy solution that checks all the boxes, consider window film. The window film experts at Solar Film can help you select the perfect variety of film for your aesthetic and privacy requirements. Request a personal window film consultation!

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