The Key to Comfort This Summer: 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film

Solar Film • Jun 03, 2019

Temperature highs in Eastern and Central Virginia are already consistently hitting 90 degrees — and the official first day of summer is still weeks away! Before you run out and buy another window unit or fan, there’s another product you should consider: 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film. Thinsulate has a variety of benefits as well as superior performance.

How 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film Works

Climate Control Window Film keeps your space cool by reflecting the sun’s infrared rays back into the atmosphere. When the sun’s infrared rays strike your windows, Thinsulate’s reflective technology does not permit a portion of the heat to pass through. Depending on the variety of film you select, it can reject up 47% of solar energy.

Benefits of Climate Control Window Film
Increased Comfort

The most readily noticeable benefit of Thinsulate is the increased comfort of your space. It helps reduce hot spots and more evenly distribute the heat entering your space. Its insulating technology also keeps the cool air produced by your AC from escaping.

Improved Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, 30% of the air produced by your cooling system literally goes out the window. This is hardly an efficient use of energy. Thinsulate window film insulates your windows, helping to keep cool air inside. This reduces the amount of wear and tear on your AC system by allowing it to not work as hard to keep your space cool. Since your cooling system will be working more efficiently, you can also save up to 10% on energy costs.

Year-Round Results

Climate control window film does not only benefit you in the summer months. It is a year-round investment. Similar to how it keeps the cool air produced by your AC unit from escaping, it also insulates your home in the winter months to retain the warmth produced by your heater.

If you’re looking to regulate the temperature of your home this summer, look no further than 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film. This premium quality window film will increase your comfort, reduce energy bills, and continue benefitting you all year long.

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