Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Protect Your Skin With Window Film

Solar Film • May 25, 2020

The sun provides us with many benefits, both physically and mentally. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption and boosts your immune system. Sunshine is also associated with improved mood and overall mental well-being.

The sun is essential to all life on Earth, but it can also prove detrimental to your skin. In addition to accelerating signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, and a leathery appearance, prolonged sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. While skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer, it is also the most preventable. Here’s what you need to know about protecting against skin cancer during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, as well as the other eleven months of the year.

Skin Cancer By The Numbers

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other forms of cancer combined. Despite the disease’s preventability, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. Every day, 9,500 people receive a skin cancer diagnosis, and the Skin Cancer Foundation anticipates that number rising.

UV Exposure Increases Risk of Skin Cancer

UV radiation, both from the sun and from tanning beds, remains the leading cause of skin cancer. While it’s common knowledge that we’re exposed to UV radiation when we’re outside, did you know that UV rays can reach through your windows and into your home? 

Consider your floors and furnishings. They fade and deteriorate more quickly near windows. The same rays of sunlight that damage your home’s interior also damage your skin through prolonged exposure.

Protecting Against Skin Cancer with Window Film

The sun emits three types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC rays rarely reach Earth because of their absorption in the ozone layer, making them not a concern for skin cancer. On the other hand, UVA and UVB rays do reach Earth and significantly contribute to the development of skin cancer. 

Glass naturally filters out most UVB rays. However, due to UVA rays’ longer wavelength, they pass through glass seamlessly. 3M window film reflects 99.99% of UV rays, earning it the Skin Cancer Foundation’sSeal of Recommendation 

Protecting against skin cancer with window film is a simple safeguard against skin damage. The best part is that window film lasts for over ten years. You don’t need to continually reapply it as you do with sunscreen and UV protective clothing; once it’s applied, consider yourself protected when you’re indoors!

This Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we hope you consider ways that you can protect your skin. From applying sunscreen and seeking the shade to wearing protective clothing and installing window film, the Skin Cancer Foundation offers some great tips for UV protection. We are proud to offer a product that has earned their Seal of Recommendation, allowing us to be part of the solution.

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