Reduce Property Damage, Theft, and Injury with Security Window Film

Solar Film • Nov 25, 2020

According to the FBI, nearly 7 million property crime offenses occurred in the United States in 2019, resulting in $15.8 billion in losses. With the additional financial strain that the pandemic has placed on small business owners, many companies could not withstand the setback of a break-in, heightening the importance of prevention.

While we all hope our business never falls victim to an intruder or vandal, putting proper protections in place can help mitigate damage, injury, and theft. High-tech security systems can alert you after someone breaks into your space, but what if you could prevent the bad actor from gaining entry altogether? 3M Safety & Security Window Film provides a cost-effective way of protecting your property, allowing your doors to stay open for business.

Security Film BenefitsMitigate Smash & Grab Burglary

3M Safety & Security Window Films can help fortify your windows against intruders. These multilayered, tear-resistant films hold a window’s glass fragments in place when shattered. 3M’s proprietary adhesive technology bonds the glass shards together, making the glass more difficult to penetrate. Applying this additional protective layer to your windows requires an intruder to exert more effort to gain entry. As a result, you are afforded more time to hide, flee, or call for help. Furthermore, the unexpected struggle the would-be intruder experiences may discourage them from continuing their break-in attempt.

Reduces Property Damage & Personal Injury

In addition to deterring forced entry, 3M Safety & Security Window Films also help minimize damage and injury from airborne daggers of glass. The adhesive fusing the glass fragments together reduces the spraying effect of broken glass, one of the most detrimental aspects of glass breakage. By keeping the shattered window intact, you can protect your employees and clients from injury and reduce the likelihood of additional property damage.

Helps Maintain Continuity of Operations

If an intruder breaks a window of your business, a glazier will inevitably have to replace the broken pane. However, a broken window bolstered by security window film permits the continuity of operations until the glazier arrives on-site. Window film minimizes the financial losses that result from property damage by reducing downtime. After all, the show must go on!

Preserves Optical Clarity

Compared to other break-in deterrents, 3M Safety & Security Window Film imposes minimal alterations to the appearance of your windows. Some of 3M’s security films actually enhance views to the outdoors, such as their Scotchshield™Safety & Security Window Film Ultra Night Vision Series . The film’s high optical clarity allows you to discreetly protect your business from harm without detracting from aesthetics.

Protect Your Business From Property Damage with 3M Window Film

As a business owner, you can’t always predict when disaster will strike. However, you can implement security measures to curtail a tragedy’s damaging effects. Invest in 3M Safety & Security Window Film to help safeguard your business, staff, and the people whom you serve.

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