Prevent Theft with Safety & Security Window Film

Solar Film • Dec 23, 2019

The holidays are a time for family, friends, tradition, and gift-giving. Unfortunately, it may be wise to think twice before you put the box your 86-inch TV came in on the curbside for trash pick up. The boxes in which your holiday gifts and packages arrive can serve as indicators that something valuable is inside your home for the taking. 

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any structure. With a swift swing of a crowbar or fire of a weapon, a smash-and-grab burglar can shatter the glass pane of your window instantly, putting people and property at risk. So how can you prevent these crimes from occurring?

Safety & Security Window Film

By making it more difficult for a criminal to enter your home or store, you reduce the chances of an intruder gaining entry and stealing something of value — or worse, harming someone. Safety & Security Window Film provides an added layer of protection to your windows. This virtually invisible, single-layer film strengthens the glass with 3M’s proprietary adhesive technology. It is designed to hold pieces of broken glass in place, preventing flying glass daggers from harming people and property. Thicker than other varieties of window film, Safety & Security Film increases the tensile strength of your window to up to 25,000 psi. When a would-be intruder is met with the unexpected resistance of a window treated with security film, they may abandon their break-in attempt altogether. At the very least, the film will buy you more time to escape, hide, or call for help.

Impact Protection Attachment System

For the highest level of protection, combine the Safety & Security Window Film with an Impact Protection Attachment System. Choose from an adhesive attachment system, which uses a 3M adhesive to bond the window to the frame, or a profile attachment system, which uses a flexible, gasket-like attachment to seal the window to the frame. Both types of attachment systems bond the film-enhanced glass to the window frame to form a tough barrier. This security solution is so strong that it can even withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, and bomb blasts.

Beyond Security

In addition to offering enhanced security, Safety & Security Window Film provides a variety of other benefits. It blocks up to 99% of UV rays to protect your furnishings, floors, and upholstery from sun damage, prolonging the lifespan of your belongings. Furthermore, some types of Safety & Security  Film, such as the Solar Safety Series , aid in temperature control and glare reduction, making this film an especially versatile investment.

Take the vulnerability out of your windows with 3M’s security films. The window tinting professionals at Solar Film can help you select the window film product to best meet your needs and budget.

Locally owned and operated in Richmond, Virginia, for over 35 years, Solar Film helps homeowners throughout central Virginia, Williamsburg, and the Northern Neck find their ideal window tinting solution. We use premium quality 3M™ materials for temperature control, glare reduction, UV protection, privacy, and security window film solutions. As a 3M™Authorized Dealer and a member of the Prestige Dealer Network, we offer the highest quality window film products on the market. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

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