Peak Cooling Load Problem Solved by Prestige Series

Solar Film • Jan 30, 2018

What is a peak cooling load?

The peak cooling load is the maximum amount of heat that must be removed to maintain the desired indoor temperature of a building. Advanced software calculates a building’s peak cooling load based on the direction its windows are facing, the angle at which the sun’s rays hit the building’s windows depending on the time of day and season of year, and several other factors.

When do peak cooling loads occur?

You might think that a building’s peak cooling load always occurs  in July at the hottest part of the day, but this is not always the case. Depending on where the building is located geographically and based on the curvature and tilt of the Earth, peak cooling loads could be in the middle of winter! A peak cooling load calculation performed by Solar Film in Richmond, VA indicated that the building’s peak cooling load is in October.

What happens during the peak cooling load?

At a building’s peak cooling load, the internal temperature of the building increases, causing its HVAC system to work harder.  A case study by 3M featured a gourmet chocolate shop. The shop’s peak cooling load occurred in the afternoon, requiring the drawing of window blinds. The chocolate shop missed out on potential business because afternoon and evening passerby assumed they were closed due to the blinds being drawn.

Glare is also the worst at the time of peak cooling load. Glass storefronts emit a blinding glare, disabling passerby from seeing the products offered inside. In an office setting, glare across computer screens and as employees look out the windows infringes on their comfort.

How can we mitigate the negative effects of peak cooling loads?

At Solar Film, we offer a premium quality 3M product called the Prestige Series. This product line of window films allows natural light into your space while helping to regulate the interior temperature and reduce glare. Prestige window film proves particularly effective in storefront applications like the chocolate shop in the 3M case study because of the large portion of the building’s exterior covered by windows.

Interested in learning how the Prestige Series can help your building’s energy efficiency and reduce window glare? Reach out to us today for your free window tinting estimate!

Locally owned and operated in Richmond, Virginia for over 35 years, Solar Film provides custom window tinting services to homes and businesses in central Virginia, Williamsburg, and the Northern Neck. We use premium quality 3M™ materials for temperature control, glare reduction, UV protection, privacy, and security window film solutions.

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