Keeping Our Children Safe with Enhanced Security in Schools

Solar Film • Apr 16, 2018

A school with a locked door doesn’t deter someone with ill intentions from entering. When met with a secured entrance, they turn to the next possible entry point: windows. With this insight, the need to invest in window film for enhanced security in schools is clear.

Why Security Window Film?

3M™Safety & Security Window Films greatly increase the time it takes for intruders to penetrate a school’s windows. Those added minutes might give teacher s the precious time needed to lock the classroom door and secure their students in the safest corner of the classroom before the intruder causes harm. Two minutes might allow the police officers waiting at a school-zone speed trap to rush to the school and apprehend the criminal.

In the case of a bomb detonation, security window films also help mitigate the risk of flying glass shards because of its tear resistant qualities. An airborne piece of glass can be just as fatal as the impact of the bomb itself.

While adding steel bars to the windows to prevent entry is an option, these are schools we’re talking about, not prisons. Security window films offers a highly effective safety solution while still fostering a welcoming atmosphere for students, teachers, and authorized visitors.

Real Life Example

3M™conducted a case study on the 3M™Scotchshield™Safety & Security Window Film Ultra Series in Jewish schools in Cincinnati. The threat of anti-Semitism and other hate crimes led SAFE Cincinnati ’s Director of Community Security Mark Dowd to make it a priority to improve the security strategy in Jewish schools. As Dowd explained, “Glass is the weakest entry point on most building exteriors.” Doors can be locked and surveillance systems installed, but unprotected windows still invite active shooters into the building.

When comparing the costs of bullet proof or impact resistant glass and security window film, the best choice was apparent. SAFE Cincinnati helped several Jewish nonprofits apply for and earn Ohio Preparedness Grants which funded the purchase and installation of security window film. Ultimately, Dowd and the SAFE Cincinnati organization installed 3M™security window film to over two thousand square feet of glass in Cincinnati Jewish schools and other non-profit agencies.

Similar grant opportunities exist in Virginia as well. If security window film has not been installed in your district’s schools because of a lack of funding, consider applying for a grant through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management when they open a grant cycle.

Questions about how security window film offers enhanced security in schools by buying time and saving lives? Reach out to us with your concerns or request a quote!

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