Insulating Window Film: Better Than Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

Solar Film • Sep 23, 2020

There’s a good reason why Starbucks has just re-introduced the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. Everyone is ready for apple picking, plaid scarves, and pumpkin spice everything. Even though fall is right around the corner, the weather may not properly mirror our autumn mindset. One day it’ll feel like fall, and the next day it might as well be June. As you’re attempting to cope with the thermal dissonance brought by fall in Virginia, there’s a product you should be aware of — and no, it’s not Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.

Insulating Window Film

Insulating Window Film provides year-round comfort to your home or business. As a result, it offers a perfect solution for temperature regulation when the weather can’t make up its mind, maintaining a pleasant interior temperature on the warm days as well as the chilly ones.

Insulating Window Films, such as Thinsulate by 3M, add an extra layer of thermal protection to your windows. This low-e film serves as a cost-effective alternative to double- and triple-pane glass. In fact, a single-pane window treated with Insulating Window Film performs nearly as well as a double-pane window. Similarly, a double-pane window enhanced with low-e film performs almost as well as a triple-pane window.

Benefits of Insulating Window Film

Improved Comfort – Thinsulate Insulating Window Film offers enhanced comfort by blocking the sun’s heat in the summer. Furthermore, in the winter months, the film works to retain the warmth generated by HVAC systems.

Energy Savings – Insulating Window Film boosts energy efficiency by helping to regulate interior temperatures. Consequently, HVAC systems don’t have to work as strenuously to maintain comfortable interior temperatures, reducing heating loads in the winter and cooling loads in the summer. Additionally, since your HVAC will not have to go into overdrive, it will be less likely to need frequent repairs.

UV Protection – In addition to blocking the sun’s heat-causing infrared rays, Thinsulate also reflects UV rays. UV rays can deteriorate and fade your furniture, flooring, artwork, and more over time, causing irreversible damage. Insulating Window Film dramatically slows the fading process.

Virtually Invisible – Unlike some window films, Thinsulate does not significantly impact the appearance of your windows. It’s virtually invisible, yet it still provides impeccable comfort and cost-saving benefits.

Pumpkin Spice Window Film — Just Kidding!

Fall is almost here, but there will undoubtedly be several more scorching hot days well into October. Don’t wait until next spring to invest in window film; the benefits will serve you during this transitional period, through the winter, into the spring, and of course next summer. So grab a venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew to cure your fall cravings, and then call the window tinting experts at Solar Film to help protect your home or business through every season the Virginia weather can stir up. Happy Fall, Y’all!

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