Enhance Your Space Without the Waste with 3M Window Film & Architectural Finishes

Solar Film • Apr 17, 2021

With Earth Day around the corner on April 22nd, there’s no better time to consider our impact on the planet and its creatures. While we often think of recycling as the go-to eco-friendly solution, reusing existing materials can provide an even more sustainable option. 3M Window Film and Architectural Finishes allow you to refinish existing substrates for improved functionality or aesthetics, reducing waste and saving money in the process.

Minimize Waste with Sustainable MaterialsInsulating Window Film

When home or business owners want to improve the energy efficiency of their space, they often look to their windows. And rightfully so! According to the Department of Energy, up to 30% of the energy used to heat and cool homes escapes through windows. Upgrading single-pane windows to double-pane or double-pane windows to triple-pane can greatly improve your windows’ insulating properties. However, this solution also requires the removal and disposal of the existing glass panes.

For an eco-friendly alternative, opt for 3M Insulating Window Film instead of window replacement. Applying this film to a single-pane window upgrades its insulating properties to nearly that of a double-pane. Adding the film to a double-pane window results in similar energy efficiency as a triple-pane window. Consequently, the positive environmental impact of this insulating solution is two-fold. First, by improving the efficiency of your windows, you require less energy to heat and cool your space. Second, by applying the film to your existing windows rather than discarding them for a new pane, you keep waste out of landfills.

Safety & Security Window Film

In many municipalities, vertical glass surfaces of a certain size and placement must be tempered. Tempered glass reduces the risk of injury from glass breakage by fragmenting into dull cubes rather than piercing shards. Instead of replacing your traditional glass with tempered glass to get your building up to code, you can apply 3M Safety & Security Window Film to your existing glass. The strong adhesive that bonds the film to the glass will hold fragments together to reduce the likelihood of injury if the glass is broken. Safety and security window film is not only code-compliant, but also less expensive, less disruptive to install, and more eco-friendly than replacing your windows with tempered glass.

Decorative Window Film

Etched, sandblasted, or textured glass provides elegant privacy and eye-catching architectural interest. However, these options come with a hefty price tag. Instead of swapping out the clear glass in your space for a decorative option, consider a more affordable and sustainable alternative: 3M Decorative Window Film. The film mimics frosted glass to an astonishing degree yet requires little to no disruption to install. Hundreds of patterns, textures, colors, and opacities allow for complete customization. In addition to being kind to the planet by reducing waste, this privacy and decorative solution is also kinder to your wallet than its alternatives.

DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

Surfaces age and deteriorate over time, but renovating and remodeling can be disruptive, expensive, and wasteful. 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes can refresh existing surfaces, producing less waste than replacing the worn materials with new ones. This surface refinishing solution can transform doors, walls, desks, partitions, pillars, elevators, and more. Architectural Finishes imitate natural and synthetic materials, including wood, marble, metal, and textiles, but can be installed in your space at a fraction of the cost. Keep the reception desk, bathroom stalls, and wall panels; just give them a new lease on life with DI-NOC!

Upgrade Your Space with Sustainable Materials by 3M

With 3M Window Film and Architectural Finishes, you can revive your space while being environmentally conscious. Whether you require improved insulation, increased safety, enhanced privacy, or refreshed aesthetics, 3M films and finishes allow you to utilize existing materials to reduce waste and expense, while achieving your goals.

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