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Solar Film • Sep 13, 2019

What matters most to you? What aspects of your life would cause you the most devastation if they weren’t around anymore? Whether you pictured your spouse, children, dog, or 86″ flat-screen TV, they are likely part of your home. Our homes are our largest assets, and they’re meant to protect the people and items most important to us. Ensuring that we have a robust security plan in place can provide peace of mind and protection from unforeseen tragedies. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of home security products that can help enhance the safety of your home.
Home Security ProductsAlarm System

The first product that probably comes to mind when we say “home security” is an alarm system. Alarms systems offer three benefits. First, they alert you if someone breaks into your home. With today’s technology, most alarm systems come with a smartphone app so you are alerted even when you aren’t home. This prevents you from walking in on the intruder. Even if an intruder doesn’t break in with the intention of physically harming anyone, they can react aggressively when they are caught in the act. Secondly, alarm systems alert the police so they can come to your aid. And lastly, when an alarm sounds as a burglar is attempting to gain entry, they will likely flee the situation to avoid being caught.

Something to keep in mind is that alarm systems typically require more than just an upfront investment. However, this “monitoring fee” can potentially be offset by savings on your homeowner’s insurance.


Most of the top alarm systems include cameras, but even if you don’t want to invest in a full-fledged alarm system, a security camera can still be a worth considering. Cameras help with the identification of the intruder. They also serve as a deterrent for committing breaking and entering or smash and grab crimes when placed prominently around your home’s exterior. Again, many security cameras come with mobile app connectivity so you can keep an eye on what’s going on at home even when you’re out of town.


Keeping the exterior of your home well-lit can deter intruders. They want the cover of darkness as protection, so a home with an exterior lighting system may seem too risky of an endeavor. Direct the lighting toward points of entry, such as window and doors. Additionally, automated interior lighting systems can enhance the security of your home as well. By setting your lights to a timer, you can create the illusion that someone is home even when the house is vacant. Unless the intruder plans to break in with the intention of physically harming the home’s residents, they prefer an empty house.

Window Film

Safety & Security Window Film provides an invisible layer of security to your home. Intruders typically try gaining entry through a door first. If the door is locked, they turn their attention to a window. With a swing of a crowbar, baseball bat, or even their fist, an intruder can penetrate a window in seconds. Alternatively, a window bolstered by security window film puts up a much tougher fight. Windows enhanced with security film can stay intact for as long as two minutes. Two minutes may not sound like very long, but it can be enough time to call for help, find a safe place to hide, or escape the situation. Furthermore, the intruder will likely not have expected to face this much resistance. After the shattered glass remains intact for ten or fifteen swings, they may flee the scene to look for a more vulnerable target.

With unforeseen catastrophe always looming, what are you doing to protect your home and the important people and items inside? Investing in these home security products can offer peace of mind and shield you from potential disasters.

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