Deterring Forced Entry into Schools with Security Window Film

Solar Film • Apr 23, 2018

In light of recent tragic events in the news regarding violent crime in schools, the safety of children and teachers remains at the forefront of our minds. While there is no single solution to prevent these tragedies from occurring again, we can and should take every possible precaution to reduce the risk of violent crime in schools. The topic has unfortunately garnered a strong political charge, causing divisiveness rather than unity as we try to find a solution. Instead of using these events as a vehicle for political agendas, let’s focus on what’s important: the safety of children and teachers.

Deterring Forced Entry

Every school must develop and implement a comprehensive safety and security plan; anything less invites a recurrence of past tragedies. A key aspect of a sound safety and security plan is deterring forced entry. 3M™Scotchshield™Safety & Security Window Films provide the perfect solution to delay or prevent intruders from gaining entry.

How Window Films Deter Forced Entry

Window films deter forced entry by reinforcing the existing glass of school windows. The single-layer polyester film holds the glass together on impact, making the window much more difficult to penetrate. Windows protected by 3M™Safety & Security Window Film significantly increased the amount of time and force needed to gain entry into a school. This precious additional time buffer might allow students and teachers to get to safety and for law enforcement to arrive before the criminal penetrates the window. The unexpected challenge of breaking a window fortified with safety and security film might also force the person trying to gain illegal entry to abandon their plan before they are able to harm anyone. Solar Film also recommends installing a 3M™Impact Protection Adhesive Attachment System to further strengthen windows by anchoring the window film to the glass frame.

A Cost-Effective Solution

While the lives of students and teachers are priceless, the cost of investment must be considered when evaluating a school’s safety and security plan. Window films offer a very cost effective solution. Here’s why:

  • Solar Film’s window film technicians apply the film directly to the school’s existing windows. This provides a relatively low-cost alternative to replacing a school’s windows with bullet resistant glass.
  • Every window of the school does not need to be treated with window film to greatly improve the school’s security. The most important areas in which to install the window film are the bus loop, front entrance, and cafeteria.

Interested in learning more about how safety and security window films play a key role in deterring forced entry into schools? Join the thousands of schools who have already implemented window films into their safety and security plan by reaching out to us for a free consultation !

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