Casper Cloaking Technology: Balancing Collaboration & Confidentiality

Solar Film • Mar 23, 2020

Balancing transparency, privacy, and style proves tricky in many commercial spaces. Conference and meeting rooms often have glass walls to foster an open-space feel with the rest of the office. However, the clear glass also provides an unobstructed view of the screens within the room. When the screens display sensitive information, this presents a breach of confidentiality — unless, of course, you’re friends with Casper.

Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex offers the perfect balance of openness and privacy. The film preserves the clear nature of the glass but filters the light transmitted by most display screens, rendering the screen black when viewed from the opposite side of the cloaked glass. This innovative technology is changing the rules of what’s possible for office environments requiring both collaboration and confidentiality.

Applications for Casper Cloaking Technology

The most common applications for Casper film include glass conference rooms and meeting areas. However, it can be used anywhere you desire both transparency and privacy. This privacy solution is perfect for office environments in which screens may be used to display sensitive information, such as employee evaluations, trade secrets, or financial data.

Casper-Compatible Displays

Testing Casper Cloaking Technology with your display is critical to ensuring a successful installation. During your complimentary consultation, a Solar Film representative will use a sample of Casper film to test your screen’s compatibility. Almost all 40-inch or wider nondirect LED screens prove compatible with the cloaking film. Testing the film with your screen also allows the installers to determine the proper orientation of the film on the glass in relation to your specific display screen.

Add Graphic Patterns to Further Enhance Privacy

Casper Cloaking Technology is installed on the internal side of the glass wall. We also offer graphic patterned films that can be applied on the glass’s exterior surface to add visual interest as well as enhanced privacy. Choose from a wide variety of patterns, ranging from subtle to bold. 

Casper film performs best when the viewer stands at eye level to the mounted screen on the opposite side of the cloaked glass. When viewed at an angle, such as sitting at a desk outside of the conference room, screens may be only partially obscured. By adding a graphic pattern to the outside of the glass, the technology fosters privacy from all angles.

If you desire an open-space feel for your office but also value privacy, Casper Cloaking Technology offers the best of both worlds. Contact the window film experts at Solar Film for a free consultation. We’ll introduce you to Casper and show you how he can transform the way you work.

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