Casper Cloaking Film: When Transparency & Confidentiality Go Hand in Hand

Solar Film • Aug 15, 2018

In office environments, fostering transparency and confidentiality proves difficult. Display screens showing sensitive information are around every turn, but most people agree that cubicles and closed doors don’t encourage collaboration and creativity. What if there was a way to conceal the content of display screens, but leave everything else visible? Sound too futuristic? It turns out this farfetched idea is not so implausible after all with Casper Cloaking Film by Designtex.

What is Casper Cloaking Film?

Casper Cloaking Film is a clear architectural film that selectively filters light from LED displays, masking confidential information displayed on screens. Solar Film installs the cloaking film to glass walls and dividers in workspaces so that the content on the display screen remains visible to those in the same room as the displays but appears black to those on the other side of the glass.

Cloaking Film Applications

Optimal spaces for cloaking film include conference rooms, meeting rooms, and team studios. Casper excels anywhere that both openness and confidentiality are desired. For example, instead of conducting quarterly employee evaluations in a dark, private back room, you decide to hold them in the conference room so they seem less intimidating. You still have some sensitive information to go over like pay raises and peer reviews, and the glass walls of the conference room would make this information visible to passersby. With cloaking film, only you and the employee being reviewed can see the information displayed on the screen.

Casper Installers

At Solar Film, we pride ourselves in being the area’s top provider of Casper Cloaking Film. We install cloaking film in Richmond, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, the Northern Neck, and throughout Central Virginia. Our highly skilled window tinting experts will travel to your office for a free consultation and estimate. To learn more about this fascinating and innovative product, watch the video below.

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