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Peak Cooling Load Problem Solved by Prestige Series

In Glare Reduction, Temperature Control by Solar Film

What is a peak cooling load? The peak cooling load is the maximum amount of heat that must be removed to maintain the desired indoor temperature of a building. Advanced software calculates a building’s peak cooling load based on the direction its windows are facing, the angle at which the sun’s rays hit the building’s windows depending on the time …

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Make the Smart Choice with Smart Film

In Privacy by Solar Film

When it comes to privacy, the choice is clear — or is it? Solar Film offers an amazing technology called Smart Film that allows you to change your windows or glass panels from clear to opaque with the click of a button. In this blog article, we’ll take a look at why smart film might be a smart choice for …

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Decorative Frosted Windows For Your Commercial Space

In Uncategorized by Solar Film

Try putting a price tag on attractive, functional privacy — you can’t! Before you invest in another set of cubicles for your office, consider an alternative privacy solution. With Solar Film’s decorative frosted windows, you reap the benefits of a private workspace without sacrificing aesthetics. Applications Indoor/outdoor Digital printing Windows Glass-paned doors Room dividers Benefits Shields sensitive information on computer …

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Protect against threat with security window film

In Safety & Security by Solar Film

Security Window Film: A superior solution Homeowners and business owners alike invest thousands of dollars in security systems to protect their property, family, and employees. But why?  Top notch security systems may be a worthwhile purchase, but when a robber or someone intending to do harm starts flailing at your window with a crowbar, the most valuable thing is time …

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Thinsulate: The climate control solution

In Temperature Control by Solar Film

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 30% of all energy used to heat and cool homes goes out the window. What a waste! With Solar Film’s climate control solution, you save money on your energy bills and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year-round. 3M™ Residential Climate Control Solution Solar Film uses 3M™’s premium quality window film called …