5 Tips for Improving Office Ergonomics

Solar Film • Oct 18, 2019

October is Office Ergonomics Month. While this observance may not be one to celebrate, it certainly deserves attention. With the amount of time that most professionals spend sitting at a computer, the quality of the environment can significantly impact our health and overall wellbeing. Before diving into how you can improve your office ergonomics, let’s first clarify what it means. Office ergonomics involves modifying the physical environment to optimize for the comfort and productivity of its occupants. When your employees are comfortable and don’t have to unnecessarily divert attention away from their work, they are happier and accomplish tasks more efficiently. That’s a win for everyone involved!

How to Improve Office Ergonomics1) Regulate Temperature

Office workers continually “argue” over where the thermostat should be set. A temperature too cold for one employee may have another reaching for their handheld fan. Agreeing on a temperature is not likely. However, maintaining a constant temperature — wherever that may be on the thermostat — helps office workers better prepare for the environment. Installing a climate control window film helps regulate interior temperatures to remain steady throughout the day, mitigating fluctuations based on the angle of the sun.

2) Provide Supportive Chairs

A key feature to look for in office chairs is adjustability. No two employees are built the same, so they require customizable seating options. Look for chairs that have adjustable seat and armrest height, as well as modifiable backrest tilt. These adaptable features allow for one chair to serve a wide size range of people. The back should provide support so proper posture can be maintained even after hours of sitting, and ideally the fabric is breathable to prevent team members from getting too hot.

3) Invest in Standing Desks

Standing desks provide numerous benefits. According to an article on Healthline , working at a standing desk as opposed to sitting can relieve chronic back pain. Users of standing desks also report feeling more energetic and focused. Not all employees will hop on the standing desk trend, but it’s a great option for people when they hit an afternoon slump or suffer from back pain.

4) Offer Phone Headsets

For employees who spend a lot of time on the phone, invest in phone headsets. Clamping a phone between your head and shoulder as you type creates tension in your neck and shoulder. This is a generally uncomfortable position, and the discomfort can persist long after the phone call has ended. Headsets allow workers to speak comfortably on the phone without unnatural neck and spine alignment.

5) Reduce Glare

Annoying glare inhibits productivity. Squinting to manage the amount of light entering your eyes can cause eye strain and headaches. Since many office jobs involve staring at a computer for hours a day, making an employee’s time as comfortable as possible is critical. Installing daylight redirecting window film helps channel the sun’s natural light toward the ceiling and away from computer screens, as well as deeper into your space. This reduces the need for harsh overhead lighting.

We hope these tips for improving office ergonomics prove fruitful for you and your employees. A few small changes can go a long way. Fostering a positive work environment enhances office morale and efficiency, leading to higher employee retention and business growth.

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