A Welcome Distraction: Create a Safer Workplace with Distraction Markers

Solar Film • Feb 12, 2021

Although expansive glass walls, windows, and doors provide an open and airy workspace, the inherent transparency of glass poses safety challenges. Those unfamiliar with your space might mistakenly walk into a clear, vertical pane of glass. In addition to feeling embarrassed, the person may also suffer injury from the collision, posing a liability concern. How can you preserve the open-space feel offered by glass windows, walls, and doors without creating a safety hazard? Distraction markers, also known as bands of film or safety markers, serve as an effective and attractive solution.

What Are Distraction Markers?

Distraction markers are horizontal bands of decorative film applied to vertical glass surfaces. The distraction markers signal the presence of a clear window, door, or wall, reducing the likelihood of a collision. In fact, some municipalities require distraction markers on glass panes exceeding a certain surface area as a safety precaution. The most common distraction marker design is a four-foot strip of frosted film applied with an equal amount of clear glass above and below. While this standard usage certainly serves its purpose of enhanced safety, there are countless other design options and additional benefits.

Secondary Benefits of Distraction MarkersPrivacy

Bands of film on glass doors, walls, and windows also provide privacy. The frosted film partially obscures visibility into a space without blocking natural light or making the space feel closed in. Distraction makers that promote privacy are commonly used on glass conference room walls, allowing for a sense of openness but also minimizing the fishbowl effect. Films of various opacities enable you to tailor the level of privacy to your needs.


Distraction markers contribute visual interest to your space. The decorative glass finishes used for distraction markers perfectly mimic the appearance of etched or sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost. Choose from films of varying patterns, textures, and colors to create eye-catching designs.


Installing distraction markers on existing glass surfaces offers an economical solution for improved safety, privacy, and aesthetics. Replacing your clear glass walls, doors, and windows with etched or sandblasted glass or alternative materials requires extensive labor and material costs, whereas window film application is an unobtrusive and affordable property upgrade.

Invest in the Safety, Privacy, & Beauty of Your Space

Applying bands of film or distraction markers to vertical glass surfaces is an affordable way to improve safety, privacy, and aesthetics in the workplace. Whether you need to get your building up to code, foster confidentiality in private offices or conference rooms, or refresh your interiors, distraction markers provide a solution. Consult the window film experts at Solar Film for the best way to implement this safety enhancement in your space.

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