The Key Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Solar Film • Oct 30, 2019

Commercial window tinting is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade windows and glass doors in office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other commercial, government, and service-related facilities. Quality window film not only enhances the appearance of windows, but can significantly improve energy efficiency, resulting in long-term savings.

The U.S. Department of Energy considers window film a top-tier technology for energy conservation and estimates a three year payback period. By installing 3M™Window Film, a building owner can expect to save as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass.

While energy savings is often the primary reason many business owners choose commercial window tinting, window film also has many other benefits that address specific problems in the workplace. Three key benefits include safety & security, sun control, and decorative privacy.

Safety & Security

Window film adds a protective layer to your windows and glass doors. This makes them more difficult to break and holds the pieces of glass together if they do. The film helps protect building occupants and interior from damage or injury caused by flying glass. Safety and security window film also deters crime and vandalism because the windows are harder to break. It also protects your building from shattering glass in the event of explosions or natural disasters such as tornadoes, violent storms, and earthquakes. 

Sun Control

Regulates Temperature – Office buildings usually have a lot of windows, which create hot spots in the summer and cold spots in the winter. In the summer, window film reflects the sun to keep buildings cooler and building occupants more comfortable. During the winter, it also contributes to interior comfort by serving as a layer of insulation. 

Reduces Glare  Commercial window tinting also reduces annoying glare, making it easier for employees to work and view smartphone, tablet, and computer screens when it’s bright outside. Photochromic Window Film adjusts to the sun’s light to provide more glare protection when it’s needed most.

Provides UV Protection – Window film is spectrally selective. This means it allows some types of sun rays in while blocking others. Since it reflects up to 99% of UV rays, window film protects people and furnishings from sun damage. Otherwise, these UV rays could harm skin and fade furniture, carpets, and office décor. Although window film blocks out a large percentage of the sun’s UV rays, it still lets in natural light.

Privacy & Decoration

Commercial window film comes in many colors, textures, and patterns. This makes it ideal for enhancing the look of any glass surface in buildings while also improving privacy. The film works well on exterior windows and doors to keep onlookers from peering inside. Potential applications include meeting rooms, cubicles, areas divided by glass partitions, and more. At Solar Film, we offer specialty window film such as Casper Cloaking Technology and Smart Film for extremely tailored and customizable levels of privacy.

Locally owned and operated in Richmond, Virginia for over 35 years, Solar Film helps homeowners throughout central Virginia, Williamsburg, and the Northern Neck find their ideal window film solution. We use premium quality 3M™ materials for temperature control, glare reduction, UV protection, privacy, and security window film solutions. As a 3M™Authorized Dealer and member of the Prestige Dealer Network, we offer many varieties of window film. Get in touch with us today for a free quote! 

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