Window Cleaning Tips

Window films alone don’t cause glass to break, although it’s a common question. Window film allows the glass to absorb more heat, which has led many people to think that it causes glass to break due to thermal stress. However, it’s usually a unique set of circumstances that results in glass breakage. A certified installation company will know how to look for those factors and make sure they avoid them to protect your glass.

What Id Thermal Stress?

Thermal stress happens when glass is exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Because different parts of the window receive different amounts of sunlight, there can be temperature variations between the center and edges of the window. When the center becomes hotter than the edge of the glass, the center can expand and put stress on the edges of the glass. If the glass isn’t strong enough to withhold the extra stress, the glass can crack (usually at a 90-degree angle from the edge).

Not All Glass Is The Same

Different types of glass have different strengths. Some are stronger and will be able to withstand higher temperature changes better than others. Tempered glass, for instance, is incredibly strong. So much so that it will only break due to thermal stress in the event of a fire. Other types of glass are less resistant to high temperatures.

Finding The Best Window Film For Your Glass
Just as not all glass is the same, not all window film products perform the same on all substrates. But no matter what type of glass you have, a good solar film company will know exactly what film to use so you never have to worry about breakage. At Solar Film, we’ll work with you to find the best film for your glass. Whether you’re looking into window film for your home or business, we’d love to help with your next project.