Window Cleaning Tips

Standard window films are made particularly for application to glass surfaces. However, there are some window films that work great for plexiglass and thick, plastic windows. In fact, Solar Film has installed a number of these films, which we call “polys”. Typically, they are applied to plexiglass or curved windows that you might find in a skylight.

Why Standard Window Film Should Not Be Applied To Plastic

Standard window film should never be applied to plastic or plexiglass windows. In doing so, the plastic or plexiglass windows can potentially “outgas”. This occurs when gases or chemicals that the plastic has absorbed begin to release, interfering with the adhesive and leading to bubbling in the film. Additionally, applying standard window film to plastic or plexiglass windows can create an incredibly strong adhesive bond. When it comes time to remove the film from the plastic window, it can potentially damage the window in the process.

Solar Film Offers Films That Work On Plexiglass & Plastic

t Solar Film, we offer “polys” that can be applied to plexiglass and plastic windows. This polyester film is unaffected by oil, grease and most aromatics. Its durability and versatility makes it the perfect material for many applications, including as a clear plastic window film. It offers superior strength, insulating properties, and heat resistance, perfect for plexiglass and plastic windows.

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