Window film can provide UV protection, temperature control, increased security, and improved privacy. Some of the primary reasons people install window film is to prevent UV rays from causing fading in furnishings, reduce the amount of heat that enters a space, minimize glare, and reduce energy consumption. Depending on your end goal, you might select a different type of window film to address your specific needs.  While there are numerous lines of window film that address everything from increased security to enhanced aesthetics, many people install window film to their space to achieve:

UV Protection

You invest a lot in furniture, hardwood floors, and artwork, and unfortunately, incoming sunlight passing through windows can damage these items. With the sun’s light comes ultraviolet rays, which can cause furnishings to fade. By filtering out 99% of UV rays, 3M window film can be used to protect your belongings and your skin from the harm that UV rays can cause.

Temperature Control

Window film can be used to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, rejecting the sun’s infrared rays and minimizing hot spots. Keeping indoor temperatures consistent not only leads to improved occupant comfort, but also lower energy bills by reducing the burden on your HVAC system. Additionally, some window films, such as 3M Thinsulate Window Film, can improve insulation and lower energy bills year-round. By rejecting the sun’s heat in the summer and retaining heat in the winter, 3M Thinsulate Window Film can provide comfortable indoor temperatures and energy savings no matter the season.

Minimize Glare

The afternoon sun can cast bothersome glare across TVs and computer screens. This can result in eye strain and headaches as occupants struggle to see digital screens. While you can certainly use blinds or curtains to mitigate the issue, these solutions will eliminate natural light as a whole. Window film can be used to minimize glare without sacrificing the natural light and outdoor views that windows allow us to enjoy.

There are many reasons why one might install window film, from sun control and increased security to enhanced privacy. When it comes time to select a window film for your property, our staff members at Solar Film are here to help you find the perfect film for your home or office