The best window film for you ultimately depends on the problem you’re trying to solve and how you want your windows to look. For instance, if you have a building in the city and you want to present a uniform exterior façade, you might select a reflective window film. If your installation is residential and you wish to maintain the look of your existing windows, you might opt for a clear or lightly tinted film. Or, if your ultimate goal is to minimize glare, a darker window film would be the best option.

Temperature Control

Windows have a considerable impact on the interior temperature of our space. For instance, in the summer, the sun’s light through windows can lead to uncomfortable hot spots. On the other hand, in the cool winter months, a poorly insulated window will have difficulty retaining heat indoors. If your end goal is to maintain comfortable interior temperatures year-round, you might opt for a solution like 3M Thinsulate Insulating Window Film.

Glare Reduction & UV Protection

The sun through windows can cast bothersome glare on digital screens. Additionally, with the sun’s light comes harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause furnishings to fade. If your primary goals are to minimize glare and achieve UV protection, one of our Sun Control Window Films might be the best option for your space. These films reduce glare and reject up to 99% of UV rays for increased occupant comfort and fade prevention.


If your ultimate goal is to achieve privacy, you might select a darker tinted film or a frosted window film. For instance, 3M Night Vision Window Film will allow 15% to 35% of natural light in your space during the day, while allowing for clearer outdoor views at night. However, the level of privacy you’ll experience is highly dependent on interior and exterior lighting. If complete privacy is your goal, a frosted film from 3M’s collection of Fasara Decorative Glass Finishes would provide you with the privacy you need, no matter the time of day.


When security is your top priority, Safety and Security Window Film will get the job done. Specially designed to stretch instead of tear, this film holds glass in place in the event that it is broken, minimizing damage done by flying shards of glass. Prepare your space for inclement weather, break-ins, and more with safety and security window film.

Whether your goal is to increase privacy, enhance security, or minimize glare, our staff at Solar Film will help you find the perfect film for your space.