Window Cleaning Tips

The best window film for privacy and security is one that makes it hard to see into the space. While that might sound simple, there are a few window films that can reduce visibility in different ways: Frosted: Applying a frosted film doesn’t allow any visibility into the space, but will still transfer natural light. Dark: Darker tinted window films will look like the lights are off even in the daylight. At night, however, you will still be able to see the light inside the space if it is brighter inside than outside. Reflective: Reflective window films give the appearance of a mirror during the daylight. Reflective film has the same issue as darker tints where you will be able to see inside at night when the lights are on. When it comes to security, it could be a privacy or visibility issue. That’s when frosted, dark, or reflective window films are great options. But if you need the space to be more secure from unwanted entry, then you would want to use a security film.

What Is Security Window Film?

Security film acts like a bond to hold the pieces of glass together should someone try to break it. So in that way, it’s pretty similar to a windshield. You can bang on a windshield and it will break right away, but it’ll be a long time before you can actually get through the glass. A great security film has that same effect. If someone tries to break in, the glass would still shatter but the film will hold it together for a while at least to delay the intrusion. This gives occupants time to get to safety, and gives emergency services time to respond to the scene.

Whether you’re looking to create more privacy or beef up your security, window film is a good option. It’s versatile, affordable, and has many other benefits as well.