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Protect Your Home &
Everthing In It

With Solar Film, you can protect your furnishings and keep the view. Our window tint solutions restrict the amount of light passing through your windows, reducing the deterioration of your furniture, draperies and other precious items inside your home, all without darkening the interior. By filtering out 99% of ultraviolet rays (both A and B), our products protect your belongings as well as your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. All of our products provide these UV protection benefits.

Preserve Furniture & Art

Your furniture and artwork was selected with care and it’s important to you. Are you taking the necessary steps to protect it from fading and deterioration? You can protect your belongings without sacrificing sunlight by relying on window tint film to filter out harmful UV rays.

Save your Skin

You know how important sun protection is for your skin whenever you’re spending time outdoors, but did you know that your skin is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun while you’re at home? Protect yourself and your loved ones with one of our UV protection window tint products.

Verified Testimonials

  • “I had them tint my house and business the same week. I used 3m with a goal of reducing heat gain as a main goal and eliminating UV as a secondary. The HVAC units at both places work less, my electric bills appear lower and perhaps most importantly both are more comfortable. At my business especially the morning sunlight heat near the windows has dropped dramatically. Each job was finished quickly & professionally with minimum disruption. I expect the tint to pay for itself in 3-4 years, while making my home and business more comfortable all the while.”
    John Judge

  • “We thoroughly enjoy the protection provided by SolarFilm. As soon as we moved into our new home I wanted the same protection you installed at our off Cary.”
    Paul S. Manakin

  • “Great Great Great Company to work with and their Products and Services are simply phenomenal. I had a very wonderful experience working with Solar Film and would highly recommend anyone considering Window Film for their home or business to use their company. Very competitive pricing and just downright honest people to work with that actually have your best interests in mind… Thanks for the great work you’ve done for me and I look forward to working with you and your staff again here soon.”
    Chad Markham

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