Window Cleaning Tips

The window film installation process is simple when performed by a certified installer. The installation process is as follows: We thoroughly clean the window to remove any dust and debris. Once the window is clean, we apply the film, carefully following the instructions of the manufacturer. Depending on the window film, for some applications we utilize water when applying, and for others we use a chemical solution. Once the film has been applied to the window, we tailor the window film to fit the exact size and shape of the particular windowpane.

Can I Install Window Film Myself?

While many consider installing window film themselves, because of the precision it requires, we highly recommend working with a certified installer. This will ensure a successful installation, free of any bubbling, peeling, or other undesirable outcomes that can affect the performance and longevity of your film.

Work With A Professional Window Film Installer

With over 35 years of experience serving Central Virginia, our team at Solar Film has the knowledge, experience, and training necessary to provide professional, high-quality installations. Additionally, as a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer, we specialize in some of the best window film products on the market, putting us in the position to provide customers with exceptional installations, professional expertise, and high-quality products.

Whether you’re looking for temperature control, UV protection, improved privacy or increased security, Solar Film will work with you every step of the way to discover the perfect solution for your residential or commercial space. Our installers pride themselves on professionalism from start to finish, with seamless installations, a clean work space, and quality window film products that our customers can enjoy in the years to come. For more information on how you can find the perfect film for your space.