Window Cleaning Tips

Window films do not cause seal failure when applied to insulated or double-pane glass. However, if your windows already have imperfections in the seal, then applying window film can magnify those problems. But window films won’t cause seal failure themselves.

How Insulated Glass Window Seals Work

Insulated glass windows are made with two or more panes of glass with a seal around the outside to make it air-tight. Air or gas such as argon is usually trapped between the panes of glass. There are spacers inside the pane that use a drying agent to absorb any air that leaks into the seal or to soak up any moisture that may be present when the window is being fabricated. Sealants are then used around both sides of the glass to ensure it’s airtight.

The seals act as a barrier to help block outside air from entering. That’s why they’re more energy efficient than single-pane windows.

What Is Seal Failure?

Seal failure happens when the seal is no longer airtight. You can usually tell when a seal is broken, as the windows will have a foggy or hazy appearance. Window seal failure can happen because the windows weren’t manufactured properly or installed correctly. Seals can also become damaged due to weather conditions, especially if the material used is not suitable to the climate.

Solar Film Has Your Back

We always let people know that if there’s ever a problem with your 3M window film and it’s under warranty, then we will back that up. For example, say you have a five-year warranty on your windows. If you’re in year four and something bad happens, then 3M is going to pick up that last year and replace the window for you.

So unless you have a prior issue with your window, you won’t have to worry about any seal issues due to window film.