Smart Film

Privacy on Demand

Sometimes you need privacy, and other times you want to foster an open-space feel. In the past, you had to commit to one or the other, but now there is a solution to this dichotomy. Utilizing Smart Film technology, Solar Film gives you the power to control your level of privacy with the touch of a button.

Easily Adaptable

Smart Film allows spaces to easily adapt to your current need. Suppose you want your office to be an open and collaborative space, but sometimes you need privacy during confidential meetings. Smart Film provides you with the ability to turn the glass panes of your office or meeting room from clear to opaque in seconds.

Endless Applications

Popular applications for Smart Film include luxury homes, healthcare facilities, and commercial buildings. Any time a space needs to function as a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere while maintaining privacy capabilities, Smart Film offers the ideal solution.

On & Off In An Instant

Smart Film turns on and off in a variety of ways, depending on your preferences. You can use a remote, wall switch, voice control, or smartphone app. If you prefer a more passive approach to controlling your Smart Film, it can also be set to respond to changes in light, movement, or a timer. Its quick transitions position it as a perfect and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to blinds.

Meets Code

Smart Film is a UL Recognized product. This means that it meets various UL standards of quality, including safety and sustainability. Many commercial building plans specify UL Recognized materials, making Smart Film an ideal product for contractors.

Projection Capabilities

A fascinating characteristic of Smart Film is its ability to double as a projection screen. Project your PowerPoint presentation on the glass walls of your conference room, or cast your company logo on the exterior glass walls of your building for passersby to admire.

Verified Testimonials

  • “We would not be able to cool down the offices at 1111 East Main Street without the protection afforded by SolarFilm.”Charles Zerhusen, Property Manager, American Financial Realty Trust

  • “The windows look great and the glare and heat are gone. The process to get our windows tinted was so easy. The proposal process was simple, John was a great help to us deciding on which tint to use. Mike was great. He was very professional and nice. We didn’t even know he was here. Thank you so much for a job WELL done!! We should have done this a long time ago.”Melissa Hope, Office Manager; John Richmond Landscaping, Inc.

  • “We noticed an immediate improvement in our ability to cool down problem areas where solar film has been installed. This protection has helped us avoid more expensive investments in HVAC. Our end users noticed the improvement and shared their immediate satisfaction with us.”Ned Netherwood, Facilities Manager, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

  • “SolarFilm applications offer a noticeable and quantifiable energy savings opportunity for facilities with significant solar exposures. We consider this application “low hanging fruit” for facility energy improvements at the right location.”Energy Engineer, Richmond VA

  • “I cannot believe the difference the film makes. The price is awesome and it really does the job.”Martha D., Windsor Farms

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