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The Impact of Natural Light on Mental Health & How Window Film Can Help

In Energy Efficiency, Glare Reduction, Temperature Control, UV Protection by Solar Film

Conversations surrounding mental health are increasing in prevalence. Discussing anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles is no longer taboo, allowing for more open exploration of solutions. A variety of factors contribute to one’s sense of well-being. One element is regular exposure to natural light. When the days are shorter and we receive less exposure to sunlight, many people experience …

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Are New Commercial Energy Efficiency Laws on the Horizon for Richmond, Virginia?

In Energy Efficiency, News by Solar Film

For the first time in recent history, large cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are mandating that buildings reduce their carbon footprints. The first cities to adopt these regulations include New York, Boston, and Washington, DC. The seven-figure fines potentially faced by buildings that fail to comply with the mandates will greatly influence a property’s profitability. Additionally, compliance with these …